At-Home Hospice

At-Home Hospice Ottawa

Health Services

Palliative Care

AHH staff have on-going palliative care training. Registered Nurses (RN’s) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPN’s) have the knowledge and skills to assist individuals with pain and symptom management. Our agency also provides the services of Personal Support Workers (PSW’s) and Sitters who are specially trained in palliative care. Together our interdisciplinary team provides personal care and respite care for individuals and their caregivers. All levels of staff RN’s, RPN’s, PSW’s and Sitters have experience and ongoing education in palliative care. We work together as an interdisciplinary team to provide personal care and to ensure comfort.

Elder Care

AHH provides services for the frail elderly in the community whether it is in their private homes or retirement residences. All levels of service providers are trained in the care and management of this delicate population. Staff work with allied professionals to rehabilitate clients whenever possible or keep them safe and comfortable in their own home. Working with the cognitively impaired (ie. Dementia, Alzheimers) our staff receives ongoing education to assess and prevent risk situations such as falls and wanderings. On-going assessments are required to monitor the progression of the disease. Our staff understands the importance of living in familiar surroundings when one is faced with health concerns.

Pediatric Care

At-Home Hospice RN’s and RPN’s provide care to the pediatric population that remain at home but have special challenges that need professional care. Our staff supports the client and their families while at home or when the child is at school.

Education Provider

AHH strongly believes in ongoing education. Our planning team listens to requests from staff and families. Education opportunities are open to staff, other care agencies and family members.