Just a note to say thank you to your team at AHH for the care and support of the clients and families at end-of- life. They spent considerable hours giving loving and very professional care to my mother for the last 3 weeks of her life. We couldn’t have asked for better care by all concerned.
The care of the nurses and doctors that looked after my sister and supported her was a real comfort to me. Your kindness made a huge difference in a difficult time.
You were always there for my mother, providing help and support and enabling her to die in her own bed at home, as she wished. We admire your strength and compassion.
We cannot thank you enough for the quality of care you and your team showed our whole family during Dad’s last days.
The atmosphere at the At-Home Hospice business provides a calmness and serenity to all those working in the office and I am sure this expands to the clients and their families as well. It was a privilege to see the organization in action.

~ Internal Audit Company

I am confident in the care they provide for my patients

~ Palliative Care Physician

When At-Home Hospice became available to us, it was like an angel had been sent to our Mom and family.
No place like home.
It takes special people who specialize in palliative care to do this type of nursing
The nurses from AHH helped us understand what to expect and provided the utmost comfort and dignity to Mom.
All of the nurses from AHH treated my sister like she was a loving member of their own family.
My husband loved his home and wanted to stay here. It was just the natural thing to do.
Having AHH staff allowed us to give back to our mother and wife what she gave to us during our lifetime, love and peace.
To my family AHH staff were an angel, sent to us for guidance, and we will never forget what she did for Mom and us in the last 18 days.
AHH staff allows patients to die peacefully, surrounded by family and friends, in their own home and often in their own bed.